LGBTQ+ in running for award

Published: 10 August 2015

How you can help the University's LGBTQ+ Student Association (GULGBTQ+) win a much-deserved “student group of the year” award?

The University of Glasgow’s LGBTQ+ Student Association (GULGBTQ+) has been short-listed for this year’s Equality Network's Scottish LGBTI Awards. They were nominated for the “student group of the year” category.

The GULGBTQ+ group has been established for 40 years, and has driven, pushed and supported the University in becoming a welcoming, open and supportive environment for students. This year they have had a membership of 768 members, making them one of the largest student societies on campus.

The GULGBTQ+ committee structure ensure the full spectrum of students are represented, thus ensuring students arriving at the University of Glasgow, at any stage of studies (postgraduate or undergraduate), can speak to students in a supportive context. They also provide a much wider scope of groups and events for students, outside the traditional realms of socials, through providing supportive groups, awareness sessions, linking to other student societies and unions and supporting campaigns.

Since 2006, the University has a Sexual Orientation Equality Champion (a Senior Management Group member) and since 2009 they have convened a group to hear the views of LGBT staff and students. The GULGBTQ+ President has an automatic place on this group, and in the last four years the Trans Officer for the student association has also been represented.

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You can show your support for the UofG’s LGBTQ+ Student Association by casting your vote on the
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First published: 10 August 2015

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