Meet Tony, Sharon and Iris from Chengdu

Published: 10 August 2015

Campus e-News met three students who are visiting the University from Chengdu to find out how their trip had gone.

Students from the University of Glasgow – UESTC join school in Chengdu were visiting Glasgow for a two week summer school programme from 27 July – 7 August.

Campus e-News met up with three of the students in the last week of their trip to find out how their visit has been.

Sharon is in her second year of university and Tian Tony and Iris are in first year. They are all studying Electronics and Electrical Engineering which they call ‘Triple E’.

Students from Chengdu, China. From left to right: Tian Tony, Iris and Sharon

How is your trip to Glasgow going?

Tian Tony: It’s been really good apart from the weather. People here are very friendly.

Sharon: Great, the labs here are bigger and more professional to the ones we use in China. I like the atmosphere in Glasgow.

Iris: The dorms are nicer than the ones we have in China. I like the Hillhead Street dorms. I like Glasgow because there are fewer people here than in Chengdu.

What project are you working on during the summer school?

Sharon: We are designing wearable technology for example using LED lights in clothing and shoes. It’s a very fun project.

Sharon and her partner Xu Danqi designed 'heart to heart clothing'. These t-shirts with a heart design on the back were created to be worn by two people and  the heart lit up  when the partners embraced.  

LED heart

Tian Tony together with Hao Jiang designed a heat sensitive probe which changed colour to indicate if a beverage was at a safe drinking temperature. 

Tian tony

Iris and her team mate Hu Rui designed a LED light which automatically got brighter in low light and darker in bright light. 


You have been on trips to Loch Lomond, Stirling and the Falkirk wheel. What did you think of these trips?

Iris: In Loch Lomond we went on a boat trip which was good but very windy.

Tian Tony: The trip to Stirling and the Falkirk Wheel was amazing. We have a similar project to the Falkirk Wheel to China and it was very interesting to see the different technologies and the different ways of solving problems.

When you are studying in China do you still feel part of the University of Glasgow?

Iris: Yes, we have similar student ID cards, we can log into the Glasgow website and we can also use moodle; so I feel connected to Glasgow.

Sharon: Yes, I receive emails about activities going on in Glasgow and I wish I could go but I’m just too far from the main building!

What do you think of the food here?

Iris: I tried some Scottish food at the Willow Tea Room in town and it was ok but I don’t like the microwave meals you have over here – they all taste the same!

Tian Tony: The food back home is better!

What has been your favourite part of being here?

Sharon: For me it’s the shopping here. Buchanan Street is a great place to go shopping. My luggage is already too heavy so I can’t buy too much more!

Iris: The streets and the style of buildings. I have wandered around the area and when the sun shines on buildings it makes me feel warm and welcome.

Tian Tony: Learning about technologies –the trip to Stirling has been the best day.   

Other projects:

To conclude the summer school programme all the visiting students had the opportunity to showcase their work from the past fortnight. Among the many innovative ideas were: a shirt with a light up 'Like' sign; a belt with direction indicators for cycle safety; a flashing Japanese cartoon shirt and light up shoes for dancing in the dark. 

Engineering projects by students from Chengdu joint school

First published: 10 August 2015

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