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A feature on the British Heart Foundation website has celebrated the anniversary of the University of Glasgow's (MVLS) Centre of Excellence in Vascular Science and Medicine.

BHF Professor Rhian Touyz, Centre Director in Glasgow, explains in the article how donations are already making a difference just one year on. Opened in April 2014 and awarded a £3m research grant, it is the newest BHF Centre of Excellence in the UK. The Centre is putting together leading scientists who conduct ground-breaking research projects with the aim of conquering heart disease.

Professor Touyz says: "Many chronic diseases challenging our society today such as heart failure, stroke, vascular dementia and coronary heart disease are linked to one common factor – vascular dysfunction or blood vessels that don’t operate properly.

The impact of diseases associated with poor blood vessel function is enormous. This will grow as our population ages and as the prevalence of conditions causing circulatory problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, increases.

Hence there is an urgent need to better understand the biology of the circulatory system in health and disease.

To receive this grant was an outstanding achievement. This has been a very exciting and productive year for our Centre of Excellence. Highlights over the year include research advances, initiation of new training programmes, creation of new core facilities and partnering with international vascular networks.

You can view the article on the BHF website.




First published: 20 April 2015

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