Demise of the brown envelope

A new web based system has been introduced that enables exam papers to be submitted directly to the Print Unit electronically, removing the need to hand deliver paper copies of exams to Registry in a sealed brown envelope.

The system, which was used successfully in the December Exam Diet, was developed by the Development & Integration team in IT Services together with Registry, the Print Unit and school administrators from the Adam Smith Business School, School of Humanities, School of Life Sciences and the School of Psychology.

The new electronic process, developed using the University’s electronic document management system (EDRMS), now enables administrators to submit papers from the comfort of their office and track their progress from the school to the print unit through to dispatch and delivery to Registry.

"Excellent improvement"

The initial feedback from the schools has been very positive “[the system] is very straightforward….it auto-populates the date, time, no of candidates, and even the number of pages in the paper, so all one really has to do is upload the paper. Thank you very much for this excellent improvement in systems.”

Matthew Hastings from Registry commented, “These useful developments not only save staff time, they provide a more secure method by which to submit, print and electronically store exam papers. This demonstrates successful process improvement and efficiency gains through inter service collaboration and the application of technology.”

Exams papers are still dispatched to the exam halls in paper format, but perhaps one day that might become electronic too!

For further information on the system contact Sara Somerville in IT Services.

First published: 27 April 2015

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