Our beautiful campus

Issued: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:23:00 BST

Did you know that the University of Glasgow is one of the largest owners of important listed buildings in Scotland?  Our campus currently consists of 172 buildings, of which 113 are listed by Historic Scotland as being of historical and/or architectural significance. Such beautiful surroundings are a privilege, but also a challenge to manage, maintain and develop.

Right now, we are at an important point in our developmental history.  The growth of the campus beyond the original 21-acre site has been considerable, and further expansion and development is envisaged - in particular with addition of the Western Infirmary site. The project to develop this site is a long-term vision, which will take place over the coming decades.  There is the potential to relocate functions from existing buildings to new purpose-built buildings on this site.  This will mean changes to the existing building stock: buildings may be repaired, redeveloped or disposed of by the university, within certain constraints. 

It is important to establish a balance between the historic nature of the campus buildings and the requirements for modern facilities which meet the demands of teaching and research. 

Estates  & Buildings have therefore prepared a key strategic document to assist in managing these changes – the Estates Conservation Strategy.  You can read more on the project website at the link on the right.

The draft strategy is currently open to consultation, and input has been sought from external parties ranging from Scottish Civic Trust and Friends of Glasgow West, to the SRC and the Glasgow City Council.

You, as a member of staff, are also invited to input through completing an online questionnaire at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/glasgow-ecs

Exhibition panel boards illustrating the Strategy will be placed outside the Visitor Centre, on the wall beside the model of the campus from September to October.

This long-term strategic approach to the estate means that changes will continue to be of a high quality, compared to urban environments that do not benefit from single, long-term, ownership and investment.  Our continued investment will provide the facilities demanded by staff and students, but will equally provide a campus that is attractive to all, and which celebrates the rich and diverse architectural heritage that defines the outward character and identity of the institution.


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