HR/Payroll system is ready to roll...

Issued: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 13:46:00 BST

The new HR/Payroll system will be launched on 8 September 2011.  Through employee self-service you can access your personal data, view on-line pay slips, update bank account details and submit leave requests.  

You will be able to access the system via MyGlasgow, the HR website and the business systems webpage.  It is web-based, available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

General training for Administrators has been ongoing since July and will continue for the next few months.  Online training material will also be available at  Revised policies and procedures will be available on the HR website from Thursday 25 August. You will have the opportunity to attend demonstrations of Employee Self Service, and the dates and location of sessions will be communicated shortly.   

The new Manager Toolbox will give managers access to appropriate information regarding their staff. Managers and administrators will also use the system to complete HR processes such as manager requests (replacing the current PMF), staff requests (replacing the current e-PMF), absence recording, authorisation of requests and reporting.

From 24 August the current HR/Payroll system, including HR Self Service, will no longer be available, to allow the transfer of all data into the new system.  Any returns you normally make to either HR or Payroll after 24 August should be entered into the new system when it becomes available.  This includes any overtime, sickness returns, post management or atypical registration forms. Atypical hours should be forwarded as normal for the deadline of 5 September. 

You will continue to receive a paper payslip until November. 

More functionality will be phased in later in the year, including online expenses and hourly timesheets for atypical workers.

You will use your GUID and password to access the new HR/Payroll system.  The system holds personal, confidential and financial information and for that reason all passwords must be secure.  If any of your colleagues know your password details then you must change it.  Change your password from the password self-service link on MyGlasgow. Staff MyGlasgow can be accessed from the link at the foot of the University home page.

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