Applying for BI-Query Access

Access to BI-Query, which may be used to report on or analyse data held in MyCampus, continues to be managed by IT Services. If you wish to use BI-Query you should complete the application form and submit to SLSD who will progress the request on your behalf.

New users or those wishing to change their access need to complete the BI Query access application form:

IT Services co-ordinate training for BI-Query. If you are a new user or require refresher training please contact IT Services


  1. User completes the application form.
  2. User emails form to named approver.
  3. Named approver confirms (or refuses) access, records this on the form and forwards to SLSD Team:
  4. Named approver communicates with user where approval is refused.
  5. SLSD team checks that the applicant is a MyCampus user and that the form has been completed correctly.
  6. SLSD team forwards to IT Services  to arrange access creation/update.
  7. IT Services notifies the user when access is available.


Approvers should be:

  • Head of School/Research Institute Admin or Head of Service: for School, RI or University Services staff,
  • Heads of Academic & Student Admin: for College staff.

The name of the applicable approver must be entered on the form and, once the form is completed it must be sent to this person for them to approve the application.