Digitised Readings - Introduction

You may wish to digitise extracts from print books or journals you believe will be in heavy demand. The Library provides a service for the scanning of in-copyright material for course use.

There are copyright implications in making electronic extracts available for your students. The Library is permitted to supply in-copyright extracts under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency's Higher Education Licence.

This licence covers all scanning of extracts for course material in copyright done by the University. Under the terms of this licence, all requests for digitised extracts should be directed to the Library via the Reading Lists @ Glasgow service. Mandatory single returns to the Copyright Licensing Agency means the decision has been taken to centralise scanning within the Library.

Library staff are responsible for coordinating your requests. Checks are made to ensure the requests fall within the terms of the licence and staff will arrange for the extracts to be made available via the Reading Lists @ Glasgow service. It is also possible to embed the links to the digitised extracts into your Moodle pages. Please see your Moodle administrator for help on how to embed links.

Any queries regarding the operation of the licence should be directed to the Library library-readinglists@glasgow.ac.uk.

CLA Licence, Scanning and Photocopying, and how to Request Digitisation (word document)