Journal Articles

A journal is like a magazine containing academic content. Journals are published regularly. Some may be published several times each year, with each new publication called an issue. Issues are then collected together as volumes.

Each issue of a journal will contain a number of individual articles. Articles may be written by one or several authors. Journal articles normally focus on more specific areas of research than books.

Individual articles are given a reference so that you can find them and refer to them in your own work. Here is an example of a reference to a journal article:

K. J. Donnelly, Tracking British Television: Pop Music as Stock Soundtrack to the Small Screen. Popular Music Vol. 21, No. 3 (Oct., 2002), pp. 331-343

The normal details included are author(s), title, Journal title, volume and issue number, year of publication and page numbers.

The Library subscribes to thousands of journals, but we don’t have access to all journals published. We may also have access to some volumes but not all.

Even if we don’t subscribe to the journal containing the article you need we can usually get it for you from another library.