Scottish Parliament holdings

The Scottish Parliament collection includes all publications produced by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government (formerly the Scottish Executive) including: Scottish Parliament Papers, Official Report of the Scottish Parliament, Official Reports of all Parliamentary Committees, Acts and Bills & other statutory publications and Scottish Government (Executive) Papers.

Please note that the Scottish Parliamentary Acts and Debates of the pre 1707 parliament are located on Level 8 of the Library.

Scottish Parliamentary Papers

The term ‘Scottish Parliamentary Papers’ covers a range of publications produced by the Scottish Parliament. The following list provides a breakdown by category. These publications are held in the Maps, Official Publications and Statistics Unit on Level 7 of the University Library, unless otherwise stated.

  • Acts of the Scottish Parliament: 1999-
  • Bills : 1999-
  • Business Bulletin: 1999-
  • Official Report: 1999-
  • Official Report Committee’s: 1999-
  • Passage of Bills Series:
  • Scottish Parliament Papers: 1999-
  • Scottish Government / Executive Papers: 1999-
  • Scottish Statutory Instruments: 1999-
  • Standing Orders of the Scottish Parliament: 1999-
  • Written Answers: 1999-
  • WHISP: 1999 –

Individual publications in these series, with the exception of Scottish Government / Executive Papers, are not listed in the Library catalogue, but can be traced using Parliamentary indexes (both print and online). There is no one single index that covers all of the above.

Non-Parliamentary Papers

Not all official publications are produced by Parliament. In fact, the majority of official papers are those published by Government departments and agencies. The Library acquires this type of publication on a selective basis, based on teaching and research priorities.

Non- Parliamentary papers are not held on level 7 in the Library with the Parliamentary papers but are shelved according to subject and can be found by using the Library catalogue.