Professor Simon Lancaster

Reimagining the affordances of the lecture theatre

The key to assessment for learning is the nature of the question. Our goal is not to determine what our students know or even what they can do but to present an opportunity for them to learn. We will use technology to engage everyone in active learning. Misconceptions will be revealed and challenged. The lecture theatre will be transformed into a social and vociferous space for colleagues to practice their presentation and debating skills. You will provide and receive feedback on topics you might never have considered before. Our ambition is nothing less than that you are inspired, provoked or simply challenged to reimagine how you might use the university's time and space.

Simon Lancaster keynote‌

Simon's chair is in Chemistry. His chemistry background is rarely apparent in his keynotes but his discipline background has left him a pragmatist with genuine empathy for the research-focused academic. His record of innovation is reflected by the Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) Higher Education Teaching Award (2013) and a Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowship (2013). He is president-elect of the RSC Education Division Council and since 2014 has been UEA's Pedagogical Innovation Ambassador. Simon started capturing his lectures in 2006, lecture flipping in 2010 but only dates his interest in evidence-based pedagogy to 2011. His ambition is achieve impact through providing colleagues short-cuts to his own ten year journey.