Welcome to The National Teaching Repository!

Welcome to The National Teaching Repository!

Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service
Date: Wednesday 09 March 2022
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Venue: Online via Zoom
Category: Academic events
Speaker: Dr Nathalie Tasler, Academic and Digital Development and Dr Dawne Irving-Bell, Edge Hill University
Website: www.glasgow.ac.uk/leads/events

The National Teaching Repository (NTR) is an Open Educational Resource, an inclusive, developmental space where anyone with an interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning can share information and knowledge, and access the very best ideas, in a safe and secure way.  

Celebrating the diversity of teaching and learning practice, the repository facilitates colleagues to showcase their practice in a range of non-traditional research formats including Power Point and Poster Presentations, Teaching Resources, Data, Video/Audio Recordings.  

It is a space that provides colleagues a global platform to shout about their brilliance and via the allocation of a DOI and Altmetrics help colleagues to measure the impact of their practice while enabling them to secure recognition for their practice on a global stage. Sharing practice is easy, there is no need to register and uploading work literally takes just a few minutes. 

Established in the autumn of 2021, in just 12 months the NTR has received over 67,000 view/downloads. That equates to over 1,000 colleagues across the globe accessing the space to seek inspiration to help shape and improve their practice every day.  

In this session Dawne and Nathalie will introduce participants to the NTR and explain how educators can access it as consumers and find resources to use in their own teaching. There will also be a demonstration about how practitioners can upload their own resources in order to start to showcase their own practice and to secure recognition as open educators. Throughout the session there will be opportunities to discuss the types of artefact that can be hosted in the NTR, and to consider how participants can quickly upload their own resources and join this vibrant community of practice. 

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