Methods: Coding Qualitative Data

Methods: Coding Qualitative Data

Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service
Date: Tuesday 16 March 2021
Time: 13:00 - 14:30
Venue: Online via Zoom
Category: Academic events
Speaker: Nicole Kipar

When we analyse qualitative data, such as responses from human participants via interviews or open-ended survey questions, we may choose to coding as our method. Coding of qualitative data is versatile as well as varied, and the focus of this session is on coding that aims for categorisation and theme development. The session introduces a variety of coding techniques, and we’ll investigate why coding can be useful, what the benefits are, and what pitfalls to be aware of. This session is particularly useful to anyone who is undertaking a SoTL project, especially if you are at a stage where you have collected some data already. You will get the opportunity to practice coding on your data during the workshop. If you don’t have your own, we will provide some real-life data.You might find it useful to watch this video on coding qualitative data for categories and themes before attending:

This session is open to staff of the University of Glasgow. Graduate Teaching Assistants are welcome to register for the purpose of developing their own teaching practice, but please note that these sessions are not suitable for any students seeking training for their own PhD research projects. Contact your School for information on the research methods training available to you as a student. For the avoidance of doubt as to eligibility, it would be helpful if you could please register using your staff email address.

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