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Session titles and the names of submitting authors can be found in the schedule, below.

Day 1 Programme - Tue 2nd April - Morning


08.45 - 09.30 REGISTRATION & TEA / COFFEE  
09.30 - 09.40 Introduction and Welcome Address - Dr Matthew Williamson, Director LEADS, and Professor Frank Coton, Vice Principal (Academic and Educational Innovation)  
09.40 - 10.40 Keynote - Professor Linda Price, Director of Academic & Organisational Development, University of Bedfordshire  
10.40 - 11.20 TEA / COFFEE
11.20 - 12.20 SESSION 1: Paired Presentations (Choose ONE PAIR) Speaker* Subtheme

1.1a The University of Glasgow Guide to Academic Writing 

1.1b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

J Bohlmann


Accessible & Inclusive Learning

1.2a Active learning in assessment and feedback – from online to face-to-face

1.2b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

J Wincenciak


Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

1.3a Just a cop out? Using MOOCs from other institutions in L&T at the University of Glasgow

1.3b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

L Marks


Creative Approaches

1.4a Exploring space and place through active learning pedagogies

1.4b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

N Sheridan


Place & Space

1.5a Augmented Reality to enhance student experiential learning in Distance Learning Programmes

1.5b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

L McNaughton


Technology Beyond the VLE

1.6a Embedding employability into assessment while also exploring alternative assessment methods

1.6b Student presentation - Let's Talk About [X]

A McGregor


Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning
 12.30 - 13.00 SESSION 2: Lightning Talks (Choose ONE BLOCK OF THREE)   Subtheme

2.1a Template to success: dissertation proposals as project design

2.1b Student self-assessment with a marking rubric & staff marking with a marking rubric: a way towards improved understanding of feedback?

2.1c A blend of summative and formative continuous assessment with a zest of exam

S Harris

P Karlsson-Brown 

E De Luca

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

2.2a Embedding LGBT Equality in the Curriculum and the Classroom

2.2b Well Delivered But Lengthy: Reflecting on the use of an online academic skills module to ease transition into Higher Education

2.2c Success in Employers' Numeracy Tests

E Capaldi

C Kennedy

S Ahmed

Accessible & inclusive learning

2.3a Video introductions on Padlet to encourage community and belonging in Masters students in MVLS

2.3b A Learning Community to Support Staff Scholarship and Progression

2.3c Developing Student Awareness of Digital Professionalism

J Crow

G Stapleton

Z Marshall

Creative Approaches
13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH & NETWORKING  

Day 1 Programme - Tue 2nd April - Afternoon


13.00 - 14.00 LUNCH & NETWORKING  
14.00 - 14.30 SESSION 3: Lightning talks (Choose ONE THEMED BLOCK) Speaker* Subtheme

3.1a Student led evaluation: learning and teaching programming skills in the context of my discipline

3.1b A Contextual Definition of Continuous Assessment and Its Use to Promote Active Learning (*External speaker)

3.1c Pseudo personalized individual feedback for large classes

E Yao

T H Ngwenya, Durban University of Technology, South Africa

S Hussain

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

3.2a Please discuss! Effective discussion across technology-enhanced and traditional environments 

3.2b Enhancing engagement with landscapes and material culture using online content: a case study from the Archaeology of Scotland

3.2c Learning through Doing, Learning through Sharing: Linking Museum Theory and Practice through Professional Work Placements

J Kopaczyk

R Younger

R Spooner

Place & Space

3.3a Using the Slido polling system to increase student engagement in lectures

3.3b Transforming IT at University of Glasgow

3.3c Mapping and Visualising Thematic Links within an UG Engineering Degree Program

M Griffiths

N Jefford

I Taylor

Technology Beyond the VLE
14.40 - 15.10 SESSION 4: Panel symposia (Choose ONE PANEL)    
  4.1 Panel theme: Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning   Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning
  4.2 Panel theme: Accessible & Inclusive Learning   Accessible & inclusive learning
  4.3 Panel theme: Place & Space   Place & Space
15.20 - 16.20 SESSION 5: Paired Presentations / Single Workshops (Choose ONE PAIR / ONE WORKSHOP) Speaker Subtheme

5.1a Design for All: Creating Accessible and Inclusive Learning Spaces

5.1b Accessibility and Inclusivity by Design

K Powell

N Bhardwaj

Accessible & Inclusive Learning

5.2a Generating Feedback from Self and Peer Review: Developing Evaluative Judgement.  

5.2b Re-conceptualising feedback as an internal not an external process: implications for practice

M Swingler

D Nicol

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

5.3a Student-staff partnership to improve assessment and feedback

5.3b Here comes the Sun: assessment and feedback in a postgraduate course for Astrophysics students (presenter no longer available to present)

C Huser

N Labrosse

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

5.4a Blending as a two-way street: redesigning a campus-based course using a blended framework. 

5.4b A Creative Approach to Using Technology Beyond the VLE: Legal Innovation and Technology on the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP)

D Fischbacher-Smith

K Trewern 

Creative Approaches

Technology Beyond the VLE


5.5a Texts in the classroom: Staff and Student Reflections on the Print vs. Digital Debate

5.5b Gamification and Immersive Learning

H Kingstone

J Briggs

Technology Beyond the VLE
  5.6 Workshop: Spaces to teach or spaces to learn (*External speaker) G Heggie Place & Space

Day 2 Programme - Wed 3rd April - Morning


08.45 - 09.15 REGISTRATION & TEA / COFFEE  
09.15 - 09.30 Introduction and Welcome Address - Dr Matthew Williamson, Director LEADS, and Professor Moira Fischbacher-Smith, Assistant Vice Principal (Learning & Teaching)
09.30 - 10.30 Keynote - Dr Preman Rajalingam, Assistant Dean for Educational Development, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, A joint school of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Imperial College London  
10.30 - 11.00 TEA / COFFEE
11.00 - 12.00 SESSION 6: Paired Presentations (Choose ONE PAIR) Speaker* Subtheme

6.1a Pre-arrival blended learning approach to smooth transition to University 

6.1b Bringing the UofG to distance PGRs

F Dowell

R Marshall

Accessible & Inclusive Learning

6.2a Student self-regulation and the use of assessment rubrics

6.2b Staff-Student Co-Design of Assessment Criteria for Reflective Experiential Learning

A Favotto

S Deeley

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

6.3a From a thousand learners to a thousand markers: Scaling peer feedback with Adaptive Comparative Judgement

6.3b Developing a moodle-based peer assessment tool (*External speaker)

J Singer

L Baker, City Univ. London

Technology Beyond the VLE

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning


6.4a Lecture Capture:  Perceptions and Misconceptions from the Vet School

6.4b Enhancing Student Engagement via Interactive, Collaborative and Recording Tools

Z Marshall

W Ahmad

Technology Beyond the VLE

6.5 Workshop: A Practical Introduction to Blended Learning

U Barrett

Creative Approaches

6.6 Workshop: Embedding Play in Higher Education: Building an Evidence Base

A Wilson

Creative Approaches
12.10 - 12.40 SESSION 7: Lightning Talks (Choose ONE BLOCK OF THREE)   Subtheme

7.1a Active Learning and Business Students Performance: Does Class Size Matters? (*Presentation withdrawn)

7.1b Alternative (Authentic) Assessments: Professional skill enhancement and development of graduate attributes

7.1c Assessment and learning gain: are we measuring what's important to students? 

L Surienty, Universiti Sains Malaysia

J Langan-Martin

R Rochon 

Assessment & Feedback to Support Active Learning

7.2a Finding an effective approach to group supervision

7.2b Student audit of active learning in MBChB lectures

7.2c Multidisciplinary Research: an undergraduate reality

E Black

M Rodgers

P Parreira

Creative Approaches

7.3a Moving to Open Source/Open Access Solutions in Dissertation Experimental Projects

7.3b Online interactivity tools to support student centered learning in large classes

7.3c Brief reflections on the design and delivery of MOOCs by the University of Glasgow

E De Luca 

S Hussain

N McIntyre 

Mixed themes
12.40 - 13.30 LUNCH & NETWORKING  

Day 2 Programme - Wed 3rd April - Afternoon


12.40 - 13.30 LUNCH & NETWORKING
13.30 - 14.00 SESSION 8: Lightning talks (Choose ONE BLOCK OF THREE)  Speaker* Subtheme

8.1a Encouraging student involvement in medical education and curriculum development

8.1b Augmenting assessment and feedback for 21st-century employability through a staff-student partnership

8.1c Collaborative Writing as a Facsimile of the Peer Review Process

R Clark

N Veitch

MA Sharp 

Creative Approaches

8.2a As easy as ABC? Enhancing peer interaction in large, lecture-style classrooms

8.2b Innovation in Partnerships: Rethinking the Learning Space

8.2c  Collaborative problem based learning – in or out of the classroom?

G Pringle-Barnes

M Callaghan

K Price 

Place & Space
14.10-14.40 SESSION 9: Panel symposia (Choose ONE PANEL)    
  9.1 Panel theme: Creative Approaches   Creative Approaches
  9.2 Panel theme: Technology Beyond the VLE   Technology Beyond the VLE
14.50-15.50 SESSION 10: Paired Presentations / Single Workshops (Choose ONE PAIR / ONE WORKSHOP) Speaker Subtheme

10.1a The impact of diversity in prior knowledge and ability on group cohesion and student performance

10.1b Embedding Intercultural Competency: The Erasmus Mundus Case 

C McAllister

E Butler

Accessible & Inclusive Learning

10.2a Blended Learning for Effective Block Teaching in a TNE Program 

10.2b Flipping lessons with Moodle: using the H5P Moodle plugin to deliver online sessions

W Ahmad

J Hudson

Creative Approaches

10.3a Anytime, anyplace: assessing the suitability of applying location science to improve learner outcomes in both education and well-being

10.3b Learning outside the classroom in HE: a breath of fresh air (*External speaker)

A Moss

G Stansfield, LSE

Place & Space

10.4a Mindfulness: its relevance and recent developments in the modern university 

10.4b Scottish Young Composers Project and Composition in the Classroom

N Clark

J Stanley

 Creative Approaches

10.5 Workshop: Teaching Space Solutions for Active Learning Challenges

D Anderson

Place & Space
  10.6 Workshop: How might we create an autism-enabling environment at the University of Glasgow? D Simmons Accessible & Inclusive Learning