Day 1 Parallel Session 1

1-1A Glasgow's Virtual Reality Teaching Project - A work in progress 1-1A Abstract
1-1B Developing and exploring virtual field course environments and their role in learning 1-1B Abstract
1-1C Interactive Simulation of Biopsy Puncture Training Procedures Using Immersive Virtual Reality and Haptic Technology for Motor Skills Training 1-1C Abstract

Day 1 Parallel Session 2

1-2A Manuscripts, maps and material culture: using visual resources to teach Burns Online 1-2A Abstract
1-2B Interactive tools for visualizing quantitative data to promote statistical literacy among Social Science students: an example of the use of R-shiny 1-2B Abstract
1-2C Extraneous cognitive loading of 3D animations and the use of Google cardboard (VR) in undergraduate teaching 1-2C Abstract

Day 1 Parallel Session 3

1-3A Visualising Inequalities in Lifewide Literacies in Glasgow 1-3A Abstract
1-3B Evaluating a digital 3D dissection of the forearm for teaching Anatomy 1-3B Abstract
1-3C Virtual Reality poster feedback session within Second Life 1-3C Abstract

Day 2 Parallel session 1*

2-1A Practical Applications of Game-Based Learning in the HE Classroom (Workshop) 

2-1A Abstract

2-1B What we talk about when we talk about independent learning 2-1B Abstract
2-1C Using open access peer-reviews and pre-printed submissions to enhance independent learning and accessibility of academic writing in PGT students  2-1C Abstract
2-1D  Implementation of problem based learning in STEM undergraduate laboratory teaching 2-1D Abstract
2-1E Using traditional virtual spaces in non-traditional, innovative ways 2-1E Abstract
2-1F 'I was interested to see you'd…’: Tasks that engage learners on an online course 2-1F Abstract
2-1G Creating effective educational videos: a toolkit for a quick and low cost approach 2-1G Abstract

*Please note with the exception of the 1 hour workshop (2-1A) presentations in this session will be immediately followed by a student presentation from the best of the 'Let's Talk About [X]' University of Glasgow Undergraduate Research Conference.

Day 2 Parallel Session 2

2-2A Continuation of 1A workshop 
2-2B Student paper
2-2C Student paper
2-2D Student paper
2-2E Student paper
2-2F Student paper

Day 2 Parallel Session 3 (Lightning Talks A)

2-LT3A Visualisation and Learning in a Virtual Space
2-LT3B Learning in a Virtual Space
2-LT3C Independent Learning
2-LT3D Promoting Learning in the Classroon

Day 2 Parallel Session 4 (Lightning Talks B)

2-LT4A Learning in Practice
2-LT4B Independent Learning 
2-LT4C Learning in a Virtual Space 
2-LT4D Accessible and Inclusive Spaces

Day 2 Parallel Session 5

2-5A Adventures in Student Interaction: planned and unplanned audience engagement (1 hour Workshop)   2-5A Abstract
2-5B Enhancing the student learning experience in TEAL spaces

2-5B Abstract

2-5C Can all students benefit from mobile applications?

2-5C Abstract

2-5D Learning in Practice: Managing stakeholder expectations and the value of experiential learning approaches 

2-5D Abstract

2-5E Building a Sense of Belonging: Student-Led Creation of Resources to Aid in the Transition of International Students

2-5E Abstract

2-5F Enhancing employability through a multi-disciplinary approach to graduate attributes: embedding engagement and developing self-efficacy in pre-honours undergraduates

2-5F Abstract

Day 2 Parallel Session 6

2-6A Adventures in Student Interaction: planned and unplanned audience engagement (Cont.)  
2-6B The design of spaces for different modes of learning – a case study of Teesside University Library  2-6B Abstract
2-6C  Student Teaching Awards 2018: Best Practice & Active Learning 2-6C Abstract
2-6D Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Rotational Focus Groups 2-6D Abstract
2-6E Developing a Strategy for Supporting Active Pedagogies 2-6E Abstract
2-6F Learning from the experiences of students living at home: what can we do to make it better? 2-6F Abstract

Day 2 Parallel Session 7

2-7A  Theory and Practice: the professional placement as a learning experience 2-7A Abstract
2-7B Student partnerships focus on embedding digital skills into the MVLS curriculum' 2-7B Abstract
2-C Meeting students in a social space: Using SnapChat to facilitate work-related learning 2-7C Abstract
2-7D Embedding Play in Higher Education 2-7D Abstract
2-7E My place or yours? Delivering a research-led curriculum in situ by implementing a Mode 2 approach executive education 2-7E Abstract
2-7F  Student Mental Health Awareness: A community approach 2-7F Abstract


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