Claudia Krebs: Biographical Information

Dr. Krebs is a Professor of Teaching at University of British Columbia (UBC) where she has been teaching neuroanatomy and gross anatomy since 2004. During this time, she has worked on the integration of technology and novel visual approaches to the classroom. She has received numerous teaching awards, both from her students and her peers at UBC, and nationally. Together with anatomy educators from across campus at UBC and from partner universities she is creating open educational resources for neuroscience and anatomy for the global community; including video, e-books, and interactive web materials. In collaboration with Microsoft, her team has developed an interactive app for studying the deep structures of the brain with the HoloLens. She is currently building a 3D/AR/VR Makerspace for anatomy education where students can work on projects for their coursework. Dr. Krebs and her colleagues have just published the second edition of “Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews Neuroscience”.