VPN for iOS - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

While it is possible to use your iOS device with VPN, doing so is not supported, and we may not be able to help if there are problems.

The AnyConnect client for iOS is available from the app store. If you install this you will need to enter the server name gucsasa1.cent.gla.ac.uk the first time you use the client.

Off campus: connect to your local Wi-Fi network
On campus: connect to flexaccess Wi-Fi (VPN will not work on eduroam Wi-Fi)

  1. Go to Settings General > Network > VPN 
  2. Choose Add VPN Configurationand enter the following settings:
    • Type: IPSec
    • Description: GUVPN
    • Server: oldvpn.cent.gla.ac.uk
    • Account: your GUID
    • Password: your GUID password
    • Use Certificate: off
    • Group name: vpnstaff
    • Secret: mon13day
  3. Now go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  4. Hit the blue arrow and scroll down to HTTP Proxy: (Off/Manual/Auto)
  5. Choose Manual, then enter:
    • Server: wwwcache.gla.ac.uk
    • Port: 8080
    • Authentication: Off

NOTE: When you stop using VPN you will need to change the HTTP Proxy setting back to Off or Auto before you can access the internet on your normal connection.