eduroam Wi-Fi for visitors

If you are visiting UofG from another institution which uses eduroam Wi-Fi, you can also use it here. Just make sure your device is set up before you arrive.

eduroam at UofG

On UofG sites, eduroam is available. Once connected, you'll be able to access the standard set of services defined in the eduroam(UK) technical specification.


  • SSID: eduroam
  • Network access method: IEEE 802.1x
  • Use your home institution username and password

Security and privacy

It is your responsibility to take steps to protect your own data and privacy while using eduroam. Seek guidance from your home institution if necessary. They may provide:

  • a VPN connection you can use to secure all your online traffic
  • secure web pages for email access
  • other security methods such as HTTPS and SSH.


While you are visiting UofG, your use of network facilities is covered by:


Please refer to your home institution's support services for assistance on configuring your device. UofG support staff can only advise on the availability of eduroam on campus.