Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla super totam Bibliam (cum expositionibus Guillelmi Britonis et additionibus Pauli Burgensis et correctoriis editis a Matthia Doering).

Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 22 Jan. 1481.
Fol. Part I: [1-58 6-146 158 16-346 3510 366 37-388 39-676 6810]. [432] leaves, the first and last blank. Part II: [1-26 38 4-256 268 27-826 8310]. [506] leaves, the last blank.
In two parts, the first ending with Psalms, the second beginning with Proverbs. Described as three by Hain (10369*) in error.
ISTC in00135000; Goff N135; BMC II 419 (IC. 7206); Bod-inc N-059.

Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD12-a.13, 14 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: The two parts bound separately.
Note: This copy has 6 leaves in gathering 37 of part II (not 6+1 as called for in BMC and Bod-inc) - cf. variant B listed at BSB-Ink N-114.
Variants: Part I: 1/2r, col.1, lines 1-3: “Prologus primus venerabilis fratris Nicolai de lira || in teſtamentum vetus De recommendatōne ſacre ſcriptu-||re in generali incipit.” as in Hubay(Augsburg) 1491, not as in BMC “Prologus primus venerabilis fratris Nicolai de li=||ra in testamentum vetus De recommēdatōne sacre scri=||pture in generali incipit.” Part II: 44/5r (f. 268r), col. 2, line 37: “Explicit poſtilla Nicolai de lira ſup[er] lib. Machabeor[um] cū”, not as BMC “Explicit postilla Nicolai de lira libros Machabeor[um] cu[m]”.
Provenance: Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Augustinian Canons, S. Ulrich:  inscription on 1/2r of part I ‘Iste liber est(scored through) cano[n]icor[um] regulariu[m] in nouaciuitate’;  similar inscriptions on 34/5r (f. 215r) and on 68/9v (f. 431v) of part I, and on 1/1r (beginning ‘Iste liber fuit ...’) and on 41/3r (f. 248r) of part II.
Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Pauline Hermits:  ‘e[st] Monasterij S. Pauli p[ri]mi Erem: Neostadij’ on 1/2r of part I;  a similar inscription on 1/1r of part II (beginning ‘Iam autem est ...')
George Willis (1813-1895), bookseller, London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Willis 16 Oct. 1851 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note and price code on verso of front free endpapers of both volumes “16. 10. 51 dh/- Willis”, together with Euing’s early inventory numbers “55” and “56”.
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing, 1862;  see GUL MS Gen 1089, 'Books presented to the University Library, 1845-63'.
Binding: 18th-century gold-tooled morocco;  covers decorated with a panel design formed by rolls and separate tools (different rolls and tools are used for each volume);  gold-tooled spines (different rolls and tools for each volume);  marbled endpapers;  gilt-edged leaves - partly gauffered in the second volume;  watermark of a bird and two stars(?) within a rectangular frame on front flyleaf of part I;  silk bookmarks in each volume.   Size:  410 x 290 mm.
Leaf size: 398 x 276 mm.   Evidence from the turned-over upper corner of 29/2 (f. 182) and turned-over lower corner of 29/4 (f. 184) of part I shows that the actual leaf dimensions before cropping by the 18th-century binder were 410 x 286 mm.
Annotations: Evidence of early signatures in the top corners of some leaves in part II, and also in the lower corners of some leaves;  large underlined letter “L” in pencil in a 19th-century hand on rear free endpaper of part II.
Decoration: Principal initials supplied in red with red pen-work embellishment; smaller initials, paragraph marks, capital strokes supplied throughout in red.
Imperfections: Part I: wanting the first and final blank leaves.  Part II: wanting the final blank leaf.

Monastic ownership inscriptions in Nicolaus de Lyra: Postilla super totam Bibliam