Effective Conversations - Bitesize


This 60 minute bitesize is intended to give participants an opportunity and a space to try out some tools and techniques with regards to preparing for and having difficult, challenging, or important conversations. You will co-create a "to do" list of actions to take beforehand, as well as looking at some examples of effective and less effective conversations. You will have the chance to work in smaller groups on real-life conversations using some of the techniques learned and the models given as part of the pre-work.

The session will help you understand the preparation that has to be done before a difficult or challenging conversation, understand what makes a good quality conversation regardless of subject matter, and recognise when to use certain models or techniques to help the conversation be even more successful.


We ask that participants:

  • read a short article (5 - 7 minutes read time)
  • familiarise themselves with the feedback models provided (5 – 7 minutes read time)
  • if relevant, come with an example of a conversation for which they are preparing (total pre-work time commitment estimated at around 20 minutes).

Session Approach

The session is delivered using a slide deck and an interactive section with Mentimeter to allow anonymous input from participants who will need access to a connected device with a web browser. The first part is mostly presentation, with participants being asked to interact through answering some questions online. In the second part participants will be given an opportunity to collaborate in small discussion groups.

It can be delivered online for up to 50 participants or face-to-face for up to 40 participants (number dependent on content/quiz).


Participants will be provided with a copy of the session materials and (anonymous) inputs which gives them:

  • a reminder of a definition of a high quality conversation
  • examples of feedback models
  • examples of good and bad ways to have a conversation
  • a co-created handout of thing to do to prepare for a conversation

Bitesize courses are typically delivered online and for larger groups than our face-to-face or longer courses.  We may, on request, be able to offer these specifically for inclusion as part of team building activities such as away days.

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