1. Introduction

This document sets out the University’s procedure when a member of staff decides to leave the University and details the key features of the Leaver Management Process.

2. Line Manager Responsibilities

As line manager you are responsible for the leaving process for any staff leaving your area and for ensuring that the actions outlined below are followed and completed.

3. The Leaver Checklist

To help you with this process there is a Leaver Checklist for Managers which you should use when someone is leaving (an abridged version of this is available for the leavers easy reference: Leaver Checklist ). This checklist gives the key actions you and the employee need to take.  

Please note, not all the actions on the checklist will apply to every leaver, so it is up to you to determine which issues are applicable. (If you are unsure, please contact your College/University Services HR Team for guidance). How the University manages this process has an impact on the employee’s lasting impression and experience of the University. A well-managed leaving process helps to ensure that the transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible for both the leaving employee and you, the line manager.

3.1 Period of Notice

The employee’s notice period is detailed in their contract of employment and this should be taken into account when you meet with the employee to discuss and agree a leave date.  If you are unsure about this, please contact your College/US HR Team before you meet with the employee.

3.2 Reason for Leaving

The University recognises that members of staff leave for different reasons.  These are detailed below:

Resignation: Ensure you are given a resignation in writing from the member of staff. Complete a manager request advising your College/University Services HR Team of the resignation and agreed leave date. When completing the manager request you should upload the resignation letter /email to the system.   Your HR Team will then acknowledge the employees resignation with a formal letter.

Retirement: Ensure you are given notification in writing from the member of staff specifying their proposed retirement date.  Complete a manager request advising your College/University Services HR Team of the retirement date.  When completing the manager request you should upload the resignation letter / email to the system.  They will acknowledge the employee’s retirement with a formal letter which also gives details of the Retired Staff Association.

Pension information will be provided to the member of staff by the pension section or scheme administrator (dependant on scheme).  For further information please telephone the pay and pensions section on 0141 330 5366 or e-mail at finance-pensions@glasgow.ac.uk.

End of Fixed Term Contract (or Fixed Term Funding):  Where a fixed term contract is due to expire or funding for a post is ending, line managers must follow the specified consultation process and this is detailed in the Guidance notes at Manager's Guide to Redundancy Consultation and Management Process.

Dismissal: This will normally result from disciplinary/capability/competency issues and will require formal letters from the University to the member of staff. Your College/University Services HR contact will already be working with you through this process and will issue the relevant documentation as well as making any adjustments to pay and annual leave.

3.3 Annual Leave

You should discuss annual leave with the employee.  It is expected the employee will take any outstanding annual leave before the agreed leaving date.

You can access the employees annual leave record via their personal profile within My Team in the HR Payroll System. Please note that leave balances will show for the entire leave year until the leaving date is process in the system by Human Resources.  The leave entitlement for the year will then be prorated up to the leave date.    

If the employee has taken more annual leave than their entitlement, this must be deducted from their final salary.  

If you are unsure about outstanding leave entitlements, please speak to your College/US HR contact before you speak to the employee.

3.4 University Property

You are responsible for ensuring any University property is returned by the member of staff, which includes:

  • Identity card
  • Car parking permit
  • Keys
  • Any other University property
  • Any University information held by the employee, including paper or electronic staff or client files.

3.5 Handover of Work

You must ensure that an adequate handover of work takes place between the leaving employee and their successor to ensure continuity of work.  This will include the passing over of any business or personal information held by the employee (in electronic and paper format).

3.6 Retention of Electronic Information

As line manager you are responsible for reviewing and deleting any local copies of time expired electronic or paper information on the employee (e.g. old appraisal documents).

3.7 IT systems access / purchasing cards

The College HR team will record the leave date onto the HR Payroll system and a range of leaver processes are triggered. The employee’s leaving date and leaver’s details will be passed to other systems e.g. Library, Sport and Recreation Service.  

Permissions to access IT systems/facilities end when the person leaves University employment. 

  • If an employee is set up as an authoriser in the HR Payroll system you should contact the HR System support team to reallocate this to another member of staff at hrsystemhelp@glasgow.ac.uk.
  • To request revocation /amendment of user privileges in Agresso you should liaise with the administrators at finsup@glasgow.ac.uk.
  • To cancel Purchasing Cards please telephone procurement on 0141 330 4113.

4. Exit Questionnaire

The employee is automatically sent an email inviting them to complete an online Exit Questionnaire 14 days before their leave date (except in cases where this is not appropriate, e.g. disciplinary dismissals). You should encourage the employee to complete the questionnaire and please give them some time and privacy for this.

5. The Exit Interview

A meeting with employees who are leaving the University is good practice and will give managers an opportunity to identify the reasons behind their leaving and gain a better understanding of the different experiences employees have of working at the University of Glasgow. This will give managers an opportunity to identify any areas for improvement and future change and ultimately improve the recruitment and retention of high caliber employees. A framework covering suggested question areas that departments may wish to use to gather information and feedback is provided.

6. Replacing the Post

If you need to recruit a replacement for the leaver, please view the guidance on the Recruitment Website.

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Leaver Guidance for Managers

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February 2013

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