Frequently Asked Questions - NCS Registration

Q. I can’t access the Non Contracted Status worker’s record; I can see their name when I search but the record won’t come up.

A. The wrong theme team has been entered within the post hierarchy. Contact and ask them to update it.

Q. I want to change the paygroup from 10 to 20/20 to 10 but the box is greyed out and won’t let me.

A. Contact the payroll department and ask them to update this.

Q. I can’t add in the holiday pay allowance.

A. The paygroup has probably been missed out, contact the payroll department and ask them to input the correct paygroup. The holiday pay can now be attached.

Q. The Non Contracted Status worker did not receive their GUID registration email.

A. There are a few reasons as to why this could have happened:

  • The personal email address could be incorrect.
  • The personal address is in the wrong field.
  • The email may be in the casual workers junk folder.
  • The personal email address wasn’t entered on the same day as the record was created.

The Non Contracted Status administrator needs to forward the email on to the worker.

Q. What form(s) of identification/working permissions do we accept?

A. Refer to list A and B within the Extended Workforce Policy on the HR webpage here.

Q. Do I need to upload ID if the Non Contracted Status worker has worked at the University of Glasgow previously?

A. It is your responsibility to check that there is valid ID on the HR system.

Q. When should I register a Non Contracted Status worker on the HR system?

A. You should register them in the first month that a claim will be made and once you have the appropriate ID.

Q. Where is the Timesheet for Hourly paid workers/employees so that I can pay a Non Contracted Status worker?

A. The form can be found on the Finance webpage Timesheet - Hourly paid Workers/Employees.                

Q. Why does my Non Contracted Status worker not have IT access?

A. If you have registered someone on the HR system with a casual worker post they will not be able to get IT access. You must also register them as an affiliate on the HR system and then contact the IT department to request IT.

Q. If I enter the target end date will the employee's appointment automatically end on that date?

A. No this wont happen, in order for the appointment to end the date needs entered into the End Appointment field. Target end date field is commonly used for reporting purposes e.g. monitoring payments and how long a person has been registered on the HR system.