Doctors & Dentists at Non-Consultant Career Grade Level

This category covers all doctors and dentists employed by the University who are neither at consultant or trainee level.  There are around 20 such staff, mainly employed in the Dental School on what was previously known as the Associate Specialist, Staff Grade or Hospital Practitioner Grades and those with clinical access for teaching roles.  New contractual arrangements and pay scales came into place in the NHS for the new categories of Specialty Doctor and Associate Specialist on 20 October 2008, but current non-consultant career grades can opt to remain on existing terms and conditions without detriment should they wish.  The information below will apply for existing clinical academics until further advice from UCEA is available. 

The University also employs a large number of qualified and registered doctors as vocational studies tutors for teaching on the medical curriculum.  These doctors normally work in senior positions in General Practice in the NHS and provide a small number of sessions each week to the University.   In addition there are a number of Clinical University Teachers posts which are predominantly clinical and teaching posts.