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Policy and guidance

The University has developed a range of guidance to assist you if you are planning to work abroad or employ staff working overseas.  This can be accessed at the following links.

Travel Approval Portal

All trips taken by University staff or students when travelling on University business must be registered and approved via the Travel Portal. Trips can be cancelled in the portal by the applicant but changes to trips – for example, changes of dates or destinations, need to be made via

A quick reference guide to completing the details of your trip is available here.

Registering your trip for approval within the portal is required for the following purposes:

• To ensure the appropriate risk assessment is in place
• To ensure Security colleagues are aware who is in country when political or emergency situations arise
• To provide insurance cover under the University’s travel insurance policy
• To check and ensure that the trip complies with local immigration, tax and other regulatory requirements

The following Travel Approval Tree/Process flow outlines the required level of approval depending on the details of your trip. 

For technical assistance and relevant contact details for travel portal admin please refer to the ‘Quick reference guide’.

External Relations Office

The External Relations Office has International Officers with responsibility for different countries worldwide.  You may wish to contact the relevant Officer for the country you will be visiting to gain an understanding of other current University activity in the area of your proposed travel as well as general guidance for the Country.  There may also be the opportunity to participate in wider University wide initiatives while undertaking your trip overseas.     For further information please contact the Senior International Officer for the appropriate region:

For a full list of useful internationalisation contacts please click here.

Guide to other cultures and countries

The guide to other countries and cultures provides a range of resources including links to country guides and guidance on business etiquette and cultural awareness.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association website hosts an interactive map with a wealth of information on attitudes to various LGBTI issues around the world.  This may be useful information for staff to take into account when considering working/living abroad.

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