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Who is the Glasgow Professional?

The Glasgow Professional applies to professional services across the University: in Colleges and University Services; in Management, Professional and Administration (MPA), Technical & Specialist (T&S) and Operational roles.

So, whether you are a Finance Officer, a Janitor, a Lab Technician, a Systems Analyst, an Administrator, Chef, Cleaner or one of many other services roles … it’s you!

“I am the Glasgow Professional”

Glasgow Professional to me means delivering a first class service at all times to all students, staff and visitors.

In my role as a Traffic and Security officer I strive to deliver an excellent communication service in a Passionate and Professional manner, as I can sometimes be the first point of contact for people that attend the University.

I am Progressive in my role, always striving to improve the image and quality of service in a friendly positive manner with the best communication I can.

I see Glasgow Professional as the start of a journey to combine this with the University values, which will allow me to develop my current skill base and therefore further develop my career structure as the journey continues. 

Robert Taylor, Security Officer - Campus Services 

Passionate: I am invested in the work that I do and show a strong commitment to working hard and doing things to the best of my ability; this ensures students and colleagues alike receive efficient and effective support from me as an administrator. Through use of University policies, I have been able to ensure my advice and support is accurate and fair.

Professional: Treat everyone fairly and with respect. My professionalism can be shown by my ability to build and maintain good relationships with academic staff with whom I work closely as well as other professional services staff. I feel these relationships enable me to provide students with consistent and fair treatment as their adviser of studies. When students submit good cause requests I liaise successfully with relevant colleagues and I am able to provide students with a fair and quick outcome.

Progressive: When problems arise I use my initiative to resolve them and I look for ways to improve current systems and processes where possible. With particular reference to an international PGT programme I work on, it has been a steep learning curve and I am frequently looking for ways to improve how we do things as the programme continues to grow and evolve.

Anna Yates, PGT Course Administrator – School of Social and Political Sciences

Glasgow Professional has meant a lot to me. I know of no other organisation which would allow a Cleaner to help shape its future.  I also work in the Health Service, where my University training and experience are highly valued, and strengthen my contribution to patient care. Glasgow Professional is encouraging positive change and the one team ideal, so I am excited about the future.

David Fletcher, Cleaner - Campus Services

Glasgow Professional is helping focus the role I carry out within the space management and timetabling team and the wider University strategy. It’s giving my role a place at the heart of the University's future encouraging me to develop my skills and passions for improving space and learning experiences, working with colleagues to provide a professional service across the university and empower us all to provide the best service we can. 

Andrena Dougall, Business Partner - Estates and Buildings

I’m proud to be a Glasgow Professional. The values resonate with me as a safety practitioner. I am passionate about the fundamentals of keeping people safe at work, and I believe firmly that the professional approach by my team delivering safety advice and support helps the University to be progressive in its approach to safety management.

Selina Woolcott - Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing