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Please see below various links which may assist you in your application for Academic Promotion:

Applicant Guidance - Frequently Asked Questions

Head of School / Director of Institute - Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Promotion System Guidance

System Guidance - Frequently Asked Questions

Learning, Teaching & Scholarship Guidance

Promotion Guidance LTS Track Presentation

Video Presentation - Promotion Guidance LTS Track

The video below addresses the nature of learning and teaching in a research-intensive University environment, and the different dimensions of the teaching role that might be captured in an application.

Video One

The second video in the series addresses the presentation of evidence in support of learning and teaching and related activities. 

Video Two

The third video focuses on scholarship of learning and teaching in terms of how it is defined, how it relates to both career tracks, and in particular, how it relates to the overall profile of candidates on the Learning, Teaching and Scholarship track.

Video Three