Pay for Performance (Reward & Recognition)

General Principles

The University is committed to the concept of pay for performance whereby the distribution of performance assessment outcomes across units facilitates its achievement. The following principles will apply in the longer term:

  • The size of the overall reward pot for the University will be based upon the performance of the University and will be set during the annual planning round with the level of individual reward consolidated or otherwise influenced by this;
  • The reward pot at College/US level will be proportionally distributed according to the performance of the Unit based on achievement against agreed key performance indicators i.e. higher performing units will have the potential to receive a higher proportion of the pot, consistent with the overall performance of the Unit;
  • The Head of Unit will be expected to justify and defend their decisions relative to performance outcomes at a Unit level to CMG/USLT as appropriate and to the Board of Review. Performance in this task will inform the outcome of the Head of Unit’s PDR and R&R;
  • This approach will assist in contributing to reducing our gender pay gap over the longer term;
  • Requisite data will be supplied to the Head of Unit to inform these decisions on an annual basis;
  • Collective outputs from annual PDR and Reward & Recognition outcomes will be used by HR teams in Colleges and University Services to inform future developmental opportunities, talent management and succession planning;
  • It would be reasonable to expect that approximately 10-15% of staff across the University will be eligible for a performance related payment.

 Human Resources will lead the process, providing support to senior leaders and line managers in applying annual merit pay through a coordinated process involving several key figureheads, including the VP/Head of College, the Chief Operating Officer, with the PPR team acting in the role as policy and process owners.

Grade 10 – Reward & Recognition Policy: Pay & Progression

The Remuneration Committee has agreed an approach to reward for professorial and senior professional staff, which permits greater flexibility and autonomy at a local level ensuring that high performing staff are recognised and rewarded appropriately as outlined below:

  • A consolidated salary uplift where justified on the basis of performance, i.e. only those rated as Exceptional should expect an uplift.
  • Levels of reward consolidated or otherwise, will be influenced by current salary relativities:
    • All will benefit from any nationally negotiated annual award where performance is assessed above the lowest two performance assessment levels (Inconsistent and Improved Performance Required).

 There will be an expectation that those with leadership responsibilities will have at least one performance objective related to their strategic leadership, people management and effective engagement responsibilities for the forthcoming year.

Grades 1 to 9 – Link to Recognition & Reward (All Staff)

A new approach has been introduced to give greater flexibility in recognising high performing staff.

Each College will determine locally the mechanism by which performance assessment outcomes will inform recognition and reward, adhering to the following principles: - 

  • Those individuals whose performance is rated as Exceptional will be considered for a non-consolidated award, subject to affordability;
  • The annual R&R process will continue to be available and will include the facility for staff to be considered for a consolidated salary increase through either Accelerated Increment or Contribution Point.
  • Levels of reward consolidated or otherwise, will be influenced by the size of pot available to each Unit.