Guidance for Constructive Menopause Conversations

Line managers should refer to Guidance on Constructive Conversations available as part of supporting reasonable adjustments. 

Several of the key considerations and stages of a constructive conversation are relevant to menopause discussions. 

In addition to that Guidance, line managers may wish to refer to evidence-based guidance: Menopause-Savvy Conversations for Line Managers and Supervisors to support them in preparing for, and carrying out, a menopause conversation. 

It is important to bear the following points in mind when arranging, attending, and participating in a discussion about menopause symptoms, adjustments, and support: 

Line managers are advised to record the outcome of the meeting and any adjustments and actions that have been agreed. 

Arrange a follow-up meeting to review the adjustments within a reasonable time. Ensure that a designated time is allowed for this and do not rely on quick queries or chance encounters in the corridor or social spaces to undertake this review.