Death in Service - Frequently Asked Questions

What support is available to employees following the death of a work colleague?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

The death of a colleague can have a big impact on individuals and teams, and line managers may have to be proactive in providing support. Assistance is available to all employees through the University of Glasgow Employee Assistance Programme PAM Assist by calling 0800 882 4102. Additionally the University Chaplin is available for supportive conversation and guidance. Contact details are 0141 330 5419 or or see the Chaplaincy webpage.

What do I do if I am notified about the death of an employee in my team?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

It is important that you verify the information is correct and then notify your Manager and HR department as soon a possible. HR will then take forward appropriate actions which will include working with you to understand how we can best support the family at this difficult time. They will also inform key members of staff and services as well as ending the employees’ appointment on core so colleagues don't contine to see their details. The Head of HR will send a letter of condolence to the next of kin and outline the support that is available.

How do I tell the team and other work contacts about the death of a colleague?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

Colleagues and work contacts of the deceased should be notified by the employee’s manager or other relevant person, in a planned and dignified manner.  However, discretion and the wishes of the Next of Kin should be used to determine how much information should be shared about the reason for death and the timing for telling others.  This is especially important where the death has been sudden and unexpected.

How should I manage a deceased employee's personal belongings in the work place?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

In the event that the deceased has personal belongings in the workplace, these will need to be made available to the Next of Kin. The line manager will be responsible for keeping any items safe until arrangements are made for their collection.  HR will be able to clarify who the Next of Kin is and anyone visiting to collect personal possessions should be asked to confirm their identity.

What do I do if a colleague dies on University premises?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

If an employee’s death occurs on any of the University of Glasgow premises, the employee discovering the death should call security 2222 (Gilmore Hill) 4444 (Garscube) 01387 702001/ 07581 124742 (Dumfries) or hit the emergency button on their safezone app. 

Security will take appropriate action including calling the ambulance service and police . 

The Head of Service should then be notified and ascertain that the police have been informed so that arrangements are in place for the police to inform Next of Kin. HR should be contacted for the Next of Kin/Emergency Contact details. 

Under no circumstances should anyone try to contact the Next of Kin, until notified that the police have advised it is appropriate to do so. Staff should also be reminded not to share any information on social media.

What do I do if the employee is in one of the pension schemes offered by the University of Glasgow?

Last updated: Fri May 20 13:33

If an employee was a member of a pension scheme the administrators will require some documents to process any benefits due. They'll need an original death certificate and for the spousal pension will need the spouses original birth certificate and original marriage certificate – original documents can be copied, certified by HR and returned.