Parking and vehicle access restrictions - Gilmorehill

As reported in this week’s MyGlasgow News, parking and vehicle access restrictions will come into force from the start of next week.  These will affect University Gardens and Professors’ Square on the Gilmorehill campus.
The University Gardens road closure is to allow for the demolition of the former Mathematics and Statistics building to make way for our new Learning and Teaching Hub on University Avenue.  The removal of some parking places in Professors’ Square and some access restrictions is to allow for essential maintenance and repair to the buildings in the Square.
Full details and maps can be found on MyGlasgow News in our Campus Updates section. You will also find contact details there, if you are concerned about disabled access or access for deliveries and pick-ups.
Everyone involved apologises for any inconvenience caused.
Please check MyGlasgow News every week for the latest updates on work across the campus. There will be a number of changes happening in the coming weeks and months, and this is the best channel to communicate this information to everyone.