Joseph Black Building







Main LV electrical switchroom July 2017   Replacement of power factor correction units. Will require shutdown of main switchboard to allow final cable connection.  This may impact on end date, which will realistically be Oct/Nov 2018 at earliest. N
Main HV electrical switchroom October 2017

Jun 18

Replacement of oil filled circuit breakers with vacuum circuit breakers. Will require shutdown of main switchboard.  This may impact on end date. End date shall realistically be Sept/Oct 2018 at earliest. N
Plant rooms in Blocks A,
B and C
24 Jul 2017     Replacement of Pressurisation Units. External fabric repairs ongoing to  Wing C.       N
Refurbishment Jun 17 Ongoing for approx 3 years

 External Fabric Repairs inc concrete, brickwork, windows and redundant services. Fire improvement works within corridors
and stairs

Noise vibration disturbance possible for building users. Changes to user access around the building. External fabric repairs.
  • Scaffold being stripped to north of wing B and A
  • Parking suspended in Forensic lane and yard between wing A and B
  • External fabric repairs to south of wing B, Zoology lane and Forensic yard. Access restricted to deliveries only Fire Improvement Works
  • Internal fire doors upgrade works has ongoing on backshift restricting circulation routes and re-routing fire escapes on stairs 4, 3, 1 and 5