Boyd Orr

Levels/Rooms Start End Details Impact Complete
Plant room TBC TBC Pump replacements Shutdowns will be required on heating and hot water systems N
Plant room Sept
Decommissioning and removal from site of redundant Heating Boilers and associated plant. MTHW will be connected to the District Heating Scheme. Works will be confined to plantroom area and removal of redundant equipment will be co-ordinated with security/building management where appropriate. MTHW shutdown will be required to connect to District Heating, this will be co-ordinated with building and done out of hours for minimal disruption to building. Y
Commencement of Main LTH Works Oct 17  Sept 19  Car park Parking and access restrictions on University Gardens.  Altered pedestrian route on University Avenue.  Potential noise disruption to users of adjacent buildings. N
Internal works as part of the LTH works June 18 Aug 19 Rooms, toilets and corridors refurbishment Commencement of works June 2018. N