For staff

Helping a student

Contact the Counselling & Psychological Services:

Telephone: +44 (0)141 330 4528
Or call into our office: Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1700 at 67 Southpark Avenue

We also provide letters/reports for academic departments on students’ mitigating circumstances where the student has had involvement with the service prior to the need for such a letter or report.

Read the University guidance on helping distressed students

Staff wellbeing

PAM Assist is an external and independent staff counselling service.

Contact them on: 0800 882 4102 (this is a free and confidential service).

Find out more about PAM Assist


Peer Support training:

We offer a series of 4 half-day workshops, based on the award-nominated Peer-Support Programme.

This is for non-academic staff who provide front-line support to students. There is one cohort a year. 

Find out more:

Email for more information. 

Adviser training:

The session provides guidance to help staff manage interactions with students who are concerned about their mental health. It highlights things to be mindful of when communicating with distressed students, such as first impressions and boundaries.

It includes suggestions of how staff members can ensure that they look after themselves and obtain appropriate support after coming into contact with students in distress.

Mental Health Adviser (MHA) rates