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About Pam Assist & the Employee Assistance Programme:

  • PAM Assist is an external and independent service, based in Glasgow, offered to all staff at the University of Glasgow as part of the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
  • The EAP service is provided free of charge to all employees.
  • The EAP is provided by PAM Assist who can provide personal counselling by phone, email, video or face to face.
  • The EAP provided by Pam Assist can help provide invaluable information and signposting on life issues via their website, Referrals to expert advice on legal and debt matters and support when you need it most, any time of the day. 
  • The service also has the option for email and video counselling, as well as on-line CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)
  • The EAP provides access to an extensive range of online resources where you can seek information and advice on a wide range of topics concerning work-life, personal issues, health and well-being.

To access Service contact: 0800 882 4102.

What happens when you call PAM Assist: 

  • Calls are answered by qualified counsellors. At busy moments, calls are answered by nurses who will ensure you get called back when you need.
  • The counsellor will determine, with you, collaboratively, what you need at this time – whether it be practical advice or counselling
  • The assessment will gather information about the difficulties you are experiencing. This will help to determine what level of treatment/intervention will be most appropriate.
  • The call can last from 5 mins to an hour so please make sure you are somewhere quiet and can talk freely if you are ringing regarding personal issues.

What Telephone Counselling Involves: 

  • All telephone counsellors are based in the UK
  • All counsellors are either accredited or working towards accreditation.
  • Following assessment, you will be called back around 3 working days later and offered an appointment.
  • Formal telephone counselling works in the same way as face to face, that you will call in (like attending) every week for the sessions, which last about 50 mins. Telephone can be as equally effective as face to face.

What Face to Face Counselling Involves: 

  • If face-to-face counselling is agreed at assessment, PAM Assist will aim to contact you within 3-5 working days to arrange this. Face-to-face counsellors employed by PAM are based at our clinic at Speirs Wharf in Glasgow. If you cannot attend there, you will be assigned someone from our trusted associate network who will contact you to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient location normally within 10 miles of your work base.
  • On average, your first face-to-face session will take place within 5 days of your allocated counsellor being in touch with you. There are a maximum of 6 face-to-face counselling sessions available, the number varying according to the issue(s) and type of programme. This will be agreed with the individual and tailored to meet their needs – for instance, CBT may be suggested, and the structured nature of this approach generally requires a smaller number of sessions in total, and for this reason there are a maximum of 4 sessions of CBT offered Each session will last 45-50 minutes.

Professional backgrounds of PAM assist counsellors: 

  • All PAM Assist counsellors have at least a Master’s/Postgraduate Diploma level qualification in their specialty and are BACP registered/accredited practitioners.

Feeling Unsure: 

It is natural to feel a little apprehensive about speaking to a counsellor for the first time, either on the telephone or in a face-to-face setting. For instance, sometimes people worry that the problems they are experiencing are trivial, embarrassing or difficult to share. Please be assured that your counsellor is used to hearing about a whole range of personal circumstances and difficulties. Their job is to create a confidential and supportive space where you feel listened to and understood, regardless of the problem.

Remember too you are under no pressure to give your name or engage in a structured manner with us. It might be eventually better for you if you do enter into sessions, though you are in control over what happens.

Our Services you can access through PAM Assist:

  • Access to an extensive online resource where you can seek information and advice on a wide range of topics concerning work life, personal issues, health & wellbeing.
  • There is also a legal advice line where you will get free advice from a lawyer on any issue, and we partner with a debt organisation too.
  • We can also signpost and support you with a host of other issues, so don’t hesitate to call.

Concerns or complaints:

If you have any concerns you would wish to raise in relation to accessing these services, or the quality of the services themselves, please contact:
Contact Name: Selina Woolcott
Contact Address: Safety & Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, 63 Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8LP
Contact Number: 0141 330 3232


Helping a Distressed Student

Please read over the below University of Glasgow Staff Guide for Helping Distressed Students: 

Helping Distressed Students: A Guide for University Staff

What University Staff Can Do:

  • Listen
  • Give student time to talk
  • Be Sympathetic and not dismissive
  • Understand the situation from the students point of view
  • Make Approrpiate referrals

What University Staff Cannot Do:

  • Solve the students problem
  • Take responsibility for the students emotional state or actions

Contact our service:

  • +44 (0)141 330 4528
  • Our service can provide letters/reports for academic departments on students’ mitigating circumstances where the student has had involvement with the service prior to the need for such a letter or report.