Global Ambassador Programme

Delivered by the Internship Hub, the Global Ambassador Programme is a cultural exchange experience open to first year undergraduate students. It is designed to give an insight into the workplace in an international setting and is targeted to students without previous international work or study experience.

We want to give you an insight into what it’s truly like to work in another part of the world – building up experience not only of the professional work environment, but of the cultural aspects of another city.

What to expect:

You will be paired with another UofG first year student and will be hosted by a University of Glasgow graduate who lives and works in the city and will mentor and support you throughout.

They will oversee a programme of activities during the two weeks that could include: work shadowing, attending meetings, networking opportunities, and the potential to take forward a mini project.

Duration: 2 weeks

Timing: Summer 2019 – exact dates vary by location

Location: London

Support provided:

You will receive £2,000 to fund this experience, and minimise any out of pocket expenses. We anticipate the funding will be distributed as follows (approximately):

  • £250 flight
  • £1000 accommodation
  • £750 subsistence and travel while on experience (c. £53/day for 14 days)

Cost: Due to funding noted above, we anticipate the personal cost to you will be minimal. It could include things like tourist excursions and social activities.

Experience London via Rufus Leonard

Image of Rebecca Vickery. 

Rebecca Vickery, Senior Account Director at Rufus Leonard

Rufus Leonard started out as a pure branding agency, and then incorporated digital. They have a strong strategy and UX team who help them deliver the whole brand experience to clients and their customers and on top of this they have their own development team, so they not only design apps but also have the capability to build and manage them.

All the board of directors at Rufus sit with all other employees. They have an open plan office and although they do have junior roles all the way up to senior and beyond, there isn’t a strong hierarchical feel to the agency. Employees stay here on average for 4 years, which in this industry is a long time. They have a lot of people who have been with them for 10 plus years and have changed departments within that time. Most people say that Rufus has a family feel to it. They also have an ice-cream freezer open to all during the summer months and some office dogs!

While based at Rufus Leonard you will have exposure to each department so you can get an understanding of what roles the company has. You will have the chance to meet someone from these departments:

  • Development/Technology
  • Strategy
  • Client Services
  • Project Management
  • Creative (Design, UX and Copy)
  • Internal Support (Finance, IT, HR & Facilities)

You will be set a short brief in your second week and you will be asked to present back your findings to a small group of people you have been working with.

London is the biggest city in Western Europe, and the world’s largest financial centre. London is one of the world’s most important cities for business, finance and politics. It is also important for culture, media, entertainment, fashion and art.

The dates for this location are: Monday 22 July - Friday 2 August inclusive.

Application process

On this occasion, there are four places available, with two graduates hosting two students each.

The application and selection process is as follows:

  • Stage 1: online application form to assess your motivation and interest in the programme
  • Stage 2: initial shortlisting of applications by a panel
  • Stage 3: shortlisted applicants invited to an informal information session and a one to one interview with a Careers Manager
  • Stage 4: decisions communicated to students and feedback provided

You will be asked to specify your preference of location/graduate.

Apply now via Glasgow Careers by Friday 31 May.

What’s covered/expected

The Internship Hub will guide and support you through the process, making sure you have all the information you need before setting off and keeping in touch while you’re on the experience.

The Internship Hub will not take responsibility for:

  • Any visa requirements
  • Arranging of accommodation and flights
  • Arranging travel insurance (we will signpost you)

The funding provided will not cover:

  • Excursions
  • Insurance coverage beyond the two week experience (i.e. if you decide to extend your stay or travel further).
  • Alcohol
  • Hire cars