Policy on Student Surveys

Policy detailing the mechanisms for requesting approval to conduct a survey with students.

Policy and Guidelines

The purpose of this policy is to set out the guidelines regarding student experience surveying in the University.

Student Surveys are a vital method of collecting and assessing feedback in order to effect positive change. When used correctly, they can be a crucial way of providing information that can improve the Student Experience. This policy establishes a coordinated approach for student experience surveying at the University of Glasgow. The results are also shared for strategic planning purposes.

The policy aims to:

  • Assure, where feasible, the quality and content of student experience surveys
  • Ensure that results are shared in a timely fashion, where appropriate
  • Disseminate results through the appropriate staff around the University
  • Reduce survey fatigue and protect crucial surveys by controlling student surveys around the University.

This policy covers: All institution-led student experience surveys of University of Glasgow students.

Further information can be found here.

For the Attention of

University staff or external organisations seeking to survey any group of the University’s students.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Session 2012-13

Approved by: EdPSC, 24 October 2012; revised and approved by SEC, 21 May 2020; approved by Senate, 4 June 2020; revised April 2022