Retention Action Plan

The Retention Action Plan supports the University’s strategic ambition to reduce the number of students dropping out of degree programmes before completion. Its principal but not exclusive focus is the first year student experience.

Policy and Guidelines

The Plan has been prepared at the request of the University’s Senior Management Group by the Vice Principal, Learning, Teaching & Internationalisation with input from the convener of the Retention Working Guide. Section A of the Action Plan deals with actions required at faculty level and section B with requirements of University services. They address matters relating to:

  • Recruitment.
  • Staff and student communication and expectations.
  • Student motivation and support.
  • Staff training and development.

URL: The Action Plan may be found at:

For the Attention of

All staff engaging with students but principally those to whom actions are assigned in the Plan.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Immediate
Approved by: EdPSC, 18 March 2009
Noted by: Senate, 30 April 2009