Student Maternity, Maternity Support and Adoption Policy

This policy provides advice and guidance for cases where students wish to adjust or interrupt their studies due to pregnancy; becoming a father or an adoptive parent; their partner (including same-sex partner) becoming pregnant or expecting to be responsible for the child.

Policy and Guidelines

This policy focuses primarily on study-related matters, including:

  • how and when to notify your School and Adviser of Studies/Postgraduate Supervisor;
  • rights and responsibilities for students, staff and the University;
  • health and safety issues;
  • absence from and resumption of studies;
  • financial considerations.

It also provides links to relevant sources of information and help.

For the Attention of

Any student in the foregoing categories and University staff who may have a role in advising such students.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Session 2009-10
Recommended by: Student Support & Development Committee, May 2009
Ratified by: Senate, 4 June 2009; with minor revisions - Senate, 3 June 2010
Updated by: Student Support & Development Committee, September 2012 (Summer Powers); Research Planning & Strategy Committee, April 2022