Fitness to Study Procedure

The Fitness to Study Procedure focuses on student welfare and seeks to support students encountering challenges which affect their ability to study and engage in wider University life. It is contained in the University Regulations (Regulation 34 of the Fees and General Information for Students section).

Policy and Guidelines

This Procedure has been established to support students whose fitness to study may be in question by providing a mechanism to review fitness to study and to assist students in resolving challenges which may impede their studies. It covers:

  • A definition of fitness to study.
  • Steps for support and action.
  • Reporting requirements if a student takes time out from study due to Fitness to Study issues.
  • Resumption of studies after a Fitness to Study break from registration.
  • Links to relevant sources of information (support services and relevant policies).

For the Attention of

Staff who support students, or any staff who have concerns about a student’s welfare and capacity to study.

Students encountering challenges which affect their studies, who may also be seeking advice and/or support to resolve these issues.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Session 2015-16

Approved by: Student Support & Development Committee, September 2015