Work-based and Placement Learning Code of Practice

Policy and Guidelines

The Work-based and Placement Learning Code of Practice‌ sets out concise principles and policy statements and is augmented by a range of supporting appendices drawing on good practice from across the sector and from work-based and placement learning provision in the University.

The Code of Practice on Work-Based and Placement Learning sets out to:

  • meet expectations established in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education Chapter B10: Managing higher education provision with others
  • enhance our provision and to support colleagues in expanding work-based and placement learning opportunities

It is intended to support those developing or delivering a programme which includes work-based or placement learning.

This Code does not cover voluntary placements or work experience, separate guidelines for which are being developed.

The Code does not apply retrospectively.

For the Attention of

  • Course and Programme Leaders who provide, or are considering providing, work-based or placement learning
  • Boards of Studies and Programme Approval Group members
  • Students

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: Session 2013-14
Approved by: EdPSC, 27 November 2013-11-26

Key Contact

Jane Weir