Study Abroad - Credit Loads for Students

Policy and Guidelines

The following policy on establishing credit loads for students who study abroad as part of their programme of studies for an award from the University of Glasgow has been approved by the University:

  • information on normal full-time loads at overseas institutions where students study should be held centrally by the University in the Recruitment &International Office (RIO);
  • the 'normal' rather than maximum full-time load of each host institution should be established and followed by our visiting students;
  • language factors should not be taken into account when determining a reasonable load for a student;
  • the Course Convener/Head of Subject should make sure in advance of the student going abroad that a clear curriculum and sensible workload was arranged, taking into consideration previous students' experiences in the same programme (where available);
  • in cases where students find workloads excessive, they are required to provide evidence if they wish to submit a claim for a reduced workload. Such evidence must include information regarding the normal credit load for students of that institution;
  • claims for reduced loads shall be determined jointly by the College Mobility Officer and Dean of Learning & Teaching, with all decisions reported to RIO for inclusion in their information on normal full-time loads.

Approval and Amendments

Approved by: Academic Standards Committee - 18 April 2012