Generic Undergraduate Regulations

Generic, common regulations are being introduced for undergraduate degree programmes. They will be augmented as necessary by supplementary regulations appropriate to individual degree programmes and with these will be published in the University Regulations.

Policy and Guidelines

The proposal to develop a set of common and generic undergraduate regulations which might be augmented by programme specific supplementary regulations was included in the recommendations of the Academic Structures Group approved by Senate in November 2006. Core recommendation 60 stated that:

The University should develop a generic undergraduate regulation that enshrines the common features of all undergraduate programmes and the common features of each type of programme (general, designated, honours, integrated masters or professional). The generic undergraduate regulation should be supplemented by a specific regulation for each degree (such as BSc or MA). These new regulations should be in place by September 2008.

The generic undergraduate regulations were approved by Senate in April 2008, following consultation with Faculties and consideration by the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) and Education Policy and Strategy Committee. Supplementary regulations specific to each degree are being developed and will follow an agreed standard template.

These regulations take forward and supersede the guidance formerly provided in the Template for Standard Resolution and Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees. They complement the Generic Regulations for Taught Masters Degrees.


For the Attention of

All students and staff but particularly student advisers, programme co-ordinators and Faculty administrators.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: From 2008-09, there will, however, be variations between Colleges regarding the cohort to which the GUR will apply due to current differences in credit requirements for the award of the general/designated degrees.

Approved by: Senate, 17 April 2008