Standard Resolution and Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Degrees

Policy and Guidelines

The University's taught postgraduate degrees (PGTs) are governed by generic regulations. In session 2019-20 a new set of generic regulations was introduced for Online Distance Learning programmes.

The current session's version of these regulations are available here:

The generic masters regulations make provision for some approved divergence from the regulations in the areas of Maximum Period of Study, Progress, and Reassessment, in anticipation that some external professional and statutory bodies may place alternative (usually more stringent) requirements on the degrees which they accredit. In such cases, Colleges will be required to approve the alternative regulations and notify Academic Standards Committee (ASC). Notification to ASC must include the College's explanation of the need for alternative arrangements, and a copy of the relevant section of the Programme Document detailing the alternative regulations. The degree in question will still be included in the generic regulation.

Approval and Amendments

Approved by: Senate, 6 May 2005
Revised by: Senate, 9 March 2006
Revised by: Senate, 4 June 2009