Implementing recommendations of Academic Structures Working Group

Adopting the common programme structure - Approval of consequent programme or course changes

New procedures have been introduced to facilitate the approval of programme and course changes resulting from the adoption of the common programme structure recommended by the Academic Structures Working Group and approved by Senate for implementation by September 2008. The procedures apply only to changes introduced to achieve compliance with the common programme structure.

Policy and Guidelines

Senate noted in the report of the Education Policy and Strategy Committee arrangements for the approval of course and programme changes introduced as a result of adopting the common programme structure.

  1. Changes to courses or programmes should be treated as minor changes and therefore requiring approved at Faculty level only.
  2. Exceptions to either credit rating or in-year assessment (items b) or c) of recommendation 59) should require approval at Faculty level only, thereafter being reported to the Academic Standards Committee for information.
  3. Where possible, amendments to CCIMS records should be processed centrally.


For the Attention of

Course and programme conveners, Conveners of Boards of Studies, College Secretaries and other administrative staff.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: March 2007
Approved by: EdPSC, 21 February 2007
Noted by Senate: 15 March 200