Research Students

Ordinance 350 (General No 12), which came into force in October 1961, governs the admission of Research Students and the appointment of Research Fellows. The following are the provisions of that Ordinance relevant to the admission of Research Students:

II.     The Senate,with the approval of the University Court, shall have power to make regulations under which any person who has given satisfactory evidence of their fitness to engage in special study or research may be admitted to the University as a Research Student.

IV.   Research Students shall have access to and the use of the University laboratories, libraries and museums, subject to the provisions of any Ordi­nances and under such other conditions as the University Court, after consultation with the Senate,may determine.


The following are the Regulations made under Section II:

1.     Applications for admission to the status of Research Student must be made to the relevant College Graduate School in accordance with published procedures.

2.     Each application for admission will be referred to the appropriate College Graduate School for evaluation.  Applications will be assessed by at least one member of the School or Research Institute within which the proposed line of study or research falls. The College Graduate School shall accept no applicant who has not satisfied them by examination or otherwise: (a) that their proposed line of study or research is a fit and proper one, and that they are qualified to prosecute it; (b) that they are of good character; and (c) that they propose to prosecute their studies or research during a period to be approved by the Senate.

3.     Subject to the regulations of the Senate,the College or the Committee shall provide for the supervision of the work of each applicant admitted by the Senate to the status of Research Student, and shall report to the College Graduate School at least once a year as to their progress and conduct. The College may suspend or exclude from any course any Research Student whose conduct or progress is unsatisfactory.

4.     Every Research Student must register each year, paying the ordinary Registration Fee.

5.     A Research Student may be required at the discretion of the Head of the School or Research Institute concerned to report their attendance to the supervisor of their research, or to the Clerk of Senate, at least once a week in term-time, except during periods when, with the permission of the Senate, they are prosecuting special study or research elsewhere than in the University or in a College affiliated thereto.

6.     A Research Student may be required by their supervisor(s) to attend classes in the University related to their research topic, and may also be required by their supervisor(s) to perform the class exercises and take class examinations; but they shall not be eligible for prizes in classes so attended and their attendance shall not qualify for graduation.

7.     All papers arising out of work done in a School or Research Institute shall be submitted before publication to the Dean of Graduate Studies, and in all such papers, when they are published, a due recognition of the University shall be inserted.