Diploma in Veterinary Science


1.     Candidates for the Diploma must be graduates of a Scottish University or of another University approved by the Senate or possess such other qualifications as the Senatemay recognise as satisfactory in any given case.

2.     The period of study for the Diploma shall be prescribed by the College and shall not be less than one academic year of full-time study or two academic years of part-time study. Candidates must be registered students of the University during each year of study and shall pay the appropriate fee.

3.     The course of study shall consist of such course of instruction and indi­vidual work as the College may prescribe.

4.     On the completion of a candidate’s course of study their work shall be tested by such examination as may be prescribed.

One of the Examiners shall be an External Examiner appointed by the University Court on the recommendation of the Senate.

5.     If a candidate’s work thus tested is reported by the Examiners to the Senateas satisfactory, they shall be entitled to receive the Diploma in Veterinary Science. The Diploma may be awarded with distinction.

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