Calendar 2005-06

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This edition of the Calendar pre-dates the University's restructuring in 2010 where the nine Faculties were replaced by the four current Colleges of the University. These regulations are therefore presented in the former Faculty structure. The printed Calendar is divided into 17 separately numbered sections which between them occupy nearly 400 pages. This on-line version consists of 17 separate PDF format files, which are between 5 to 97 pages long. This version may be viewed from any web browser which has Adobe Acrobat Reader™ installed either as a plug-in (in which case the Calendar pages will appear within your browser) or as a helper application (in which case your browser will pass them to Acrobat in a separate window).

The links in the contents take you to the PDF files representing the separate sections of the Calendar, as found in the printed version.

In addition, the "‌" supplement the PhD regulations in the Graduate Studies section of the Calendar.

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While all reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the information contained in this Calendar, and in particular that relating to regulations, courses and fees, is correct at the time of publication, nevertheless it is subject to alteration without notice. Any person wishing to obtain confirmation of any particular item should contact the Head of the Senate Office.

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