Retention policy on Teaching and Assessment Records

Policy and Guidelines

This policy [] was introduced in 2007 and covers the retention of assessment and teaching material. It was updated in November 2019.

Every School is required to follow the Retention Schedule (RS) contained within the policy. The RS specify the types of assessed and teaching material covered, the retention period for each, the School responsible for retention and the action required at the end of the retention periods.

Education Planning and Strategy Committee has confirmed that Schools are responsible for releasing information on assessment to students and guidance notes 1.1 and 2.1 of this policy provide more detail on this. Schools are encouraged to publicise this information in their student handbooks (guidance on student handbooks is available at

Approval and Amendments

Approved by: Education Planning and Strategy Committee, 15 June 2007
Reported to: Senate, 11 October 2007
Minor modifications made February 2008
Updated by Senate Office: November 2019