Ramadan Statement for Students

In session 2023-24 the Islamic month of Ramadan falls as follows:

Expected Ramadan dates: 10 March 2024 - 9 April 2024

Although there is no overlap with the Spring Exam Diet, there may be other exams running during this period, for which the following information is relevant.

During Ramadan, many Muslim students will be fasting during daylight hours. A number of sources of information are available:



The University fully supports students and staff in the practice of their faith and recognises the importance of Ramadan within Islam. However, we anticipate that in practising their faith students will also be able to fulfil the normal expectations of their studies.

Under the University’s regulations, there is provision for the consideration of adverse impact on students’ performance in assessments – please see the regulations for ‘Incomplete Assessment resulting from Good Cause’.

And there is further guidance available at:

Overview of Good Cause

Good Cause - the Basics

Please note that under the terms of these regulations fasting in the observance of Ramadan in itself would not be accepted as Good Cause in relation to non-completion of, or underperformance in, assessment. Similarly, minor and reasonably foreseeable side effects associated with fasting would not be accepted as Good Cause.

However, in the event of unforeseen serious health circumstances arising in relation to specific assessments, students may consider submitting a Good Cause claim. You should note that, as with all Good Cause cases, claims would need to include a clear statement of the assessment(s) affected and the nature of the adverse circumstances, and, where possible, be supported by evidence. All claims will be assessed on a case by case basis, with respect to the information and supporting evidence provided by the student.