Session 2020-21: Fixed Duration (Timed) Online Examinations

Please note: these arrangements have been revised for exams being taken in 2021-22, as described here.

Education Policy and Strategy Committee (EdPSC) has made a decision that all fixed duration online exams should continue to be offered on a double time basis. In February 2021 Senate confirmed this decision for online exam arrangements for the current academic year (2020-21).

This means that for all exam diets in session 2020-21 any exams that are not offered on a 24 hour basis but are instead ‘time limited’ will have 100% extra time over the normal exam duration (i.e. for a 2 hour exam students will be given a 4 hour window for completion). In addition, for the April/May 2021, June 2021 and August 2021 diets, students who have been assessed by the Disability Service as requiring extra time will be provided with one additional hour in which to submit their timed exam papers.

The format of double time for timed exams is designed to offer continuing support to all students in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic where many students continue to face significant challenges for example in relation to poor online connectivity, access to quiet space and additional caring responsibilities.

Updated May 2021