Feedback on Assessment and the Data Protection Act 1998 – clarification of policy

The University encourages feedback to students on exam performance. Examiners should not, therefore, be discouraged from writing comments on exam scripts although, in doing so, they should be aware that scripts will subsequently be available to students on request.

Policy and Guidelines

In light of the student concerns on assessment and feedback highlighted from the National Student Survey and the First Year Student Questionnaire data, the provision of structured feedback on assessment is to be encouraged. There is some misunderstanding about the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to providing written comments on examination scripts as a means of improving feedback to students. The University’s policy on providing feedback to students on examinations does not prevent, nor seek to deter, examiners from writing comments on examination scripts. Any comments made, whether written on the scripts or on separate sheets, will, however, be seen by students who request a copy of an examination script.

URL: The Senate minute - SEN/2007/51.7 - may be found at:

Guidance for staff on the Data Protection Act 1998 may be found at:

For the Attention of

Students, assessment officers, examiners and departmental administrators.

Approval and Amendments

Date effective: This represents a clarification of policy, there has been no change.
Noted by: EdPSC, 10 March 2008
Noted by: Senate, 17 April 2008